From Italy with love

We’ve been involved in the luxury clothing business since forever, well crafted garments and beautiful clothing are all that we know and are passionate about.

Our founder is a professional in the high-end and luxury retail business and formed by classical studies: Luca has years of experience in product buying and sales management, granting him the tools and contacts needed to provide you with garments of unparalleled quality, contemporary style yet timelessly elegant and specialized expertise in assessing your tailoring needs.

Descending from a family of tailors and clothing merchants - his family roots can be traced back to a tailoring grandmother who, thanks to her craft, made her way from a small village on Como’s Lake to the dazzling Milan of the 50s - Luca is by vocation an enthusiast of high quality clothing and all things craftsmanship, leading also to the decision of sharing through the blog section his experiences and his appreciation for those companies still capable of creating truly valuable and beautiful things.

Full disclosure on the brand’s name: “Dalbiondo” is inspired from an Italian expression that means “At the blond’s place”.

In fact we would like our customers to relax and feel absolutely confident when meeting with us and trusting us with the realization of their tailoring orders, almost as if they were visiting a trusted friend’s place: our craft is made up of human connections and mutual confidence as much as it is built on quality fabrics and comfortable fits.

The name Dalbiondo also reminds us of a time (seems ages ago) when Luca had a rich blonde hair and everybody used to call him “Il Biondo”, or “The Blond”.

As you can see in the picture below, those days of blondness and mane of hair are now long gone, but the nickname of course stuck.

Yours truly.  Photo credit: @LucaMontini

Yours truly.

Photo credit: @LucaMontini