Differences between RTW - MTM - Bespoke / Part 3: Made To Measure


Last part of our little guide, let’s speak about Made-to-measure clothing!!!

Similarly to bespoke, Made-To-Measure (MTM) garments are constructed to fit each customer individually, but they’re based on some body measurements to customize a pre-existing pattern and they always involve some form of standardization in the pattern and manufacturing.

Practical example: when visiting a made-to-measure retailer, you’ll have a set of try-on garments to put on and the tailoring specialist will take note of all the modifications needed to adapt the garment’s pattern to your physique as well as the personalizations of your choice, before launching the order’s production.

As in bespoke, it is up to the customer (with the help and advice of the tailoring specialist) to browse and select between the many fittings, fabrics, make and personalization options, giving him the opportunity to create a really unique garment.

The fit of an MTM garment is expected to be better than that of a RTW garment but without the charme of a bespoke garment and involving less (or none at all) hand-made details.

From a quality and price perspective, a made-to-measure garment will be of higher quality and more expensive than many ready-to-wear garments (big fashion houses will still command higher prices, often just because of their name/label) but still more accessible than a bespoke equivalent, involving less skilled craftsmanship and fewer work-hours.

Deliveries of an MTM order are generally faster compared to a bespoke service, taking on average 4 to 5 weeks for production+shipping (sometimes less) and generally only one fitting once the garments is delivered.

This type of service offers, in my opinion, the ideal solution for people looking for the best compromise between quality, personalization and price. 

Due to my body conformation, MTM has been my go-to choice for tailoring since a few years and I’ve have always been enthusiast of the final results. 

Besides, I really enjoy the uniqueness of the whole process: selecting cloth, lining, make, details, all the personalizations and receiving a few weeks later (in exchange for my hard-earned money, ça va sans dire) an exclusive garment made by and for me.

It has to be pointed out that in a market overflowed with ready made products and brands competing over price in spite of quality and sustainability concerns, the MTM business is living a sort of “golden age”, with the number of traveling tailors and brands offering this service constantly increasing in recent years.

Have you ever had any MTM garment done for you? How did you like the final result?