Blog’s Policy



Our ambition is for these pages to become a digital space for active and smart discussion, enriching and educating the users.

We always encourage our readers to express their opinions and ask questions, we also appreciate contributions from those with specific experiences.

We ask the readers to behave and express themselves as gentlemen of the 21st century: coarse language, discrimination and abusive in general will not be tolerated.

We aim to curate and direct the discussion in the interest of the readership and the general purpose of the site: for these reasons all comments are screened and some will not be published.


We deem important stating from the beginning that Dalbiondo’s blog does not receive payment for coverage, articles or Instagram posts, we feel that it would not be transparent enough for the readers.

The blog is mostly funded with private means; if in the future any funding is obtained through advertising, this will happen with a strict separation between advertising itself and the blog’s content.