What does MTM means?

A Made To Measure (MTM) garment is tailored from a pre-sized pattern and sample try-on: starting from the fitting of the try-on garment, the MTM specialist establishes the alterations needed on the sample’s patron in order to adapt it to the customer’s specific measurements; the MTM garment is then put in production, following the customer’s choices of fabric, trims and options as well.

We like to think of MTM as modern technology to the service of the tailoring tradition, enabling our customers to create exclusive, comfortable and easy-to-wear garments.

We invite you to read more on the differences between ready-to-wear, made-to-measure and bespoke on our blog.

For which occasions should I consider an MTM garment?

ALWAYS!!! From your everyday wear to the most formal attires, made-to-measure clothes fit you perfectly, they have an amazing quality/price ratio and they allow you to wear something unique, created exclusively for you.

Plus, it’s very eco-friendly: we produce only the garments requested by our customers, this way avoiding extra productions and the consequent waste of resources that make most of the heavy carbon footprint of the global fashion industry. 

Seriously, we believe this is the future of menswear (and womenswear too, to some degree).

Are MTM garments mass produced or hand made?

Each garment is unique and produced individually, following the specifications of its owner.

That being said, MTM production can be semi-industrial or hand-made: hand-made passages as well as completely hand-made garments require more hours of work from highly skilled tailoring artisans and will therefore command a higher price.

Where are the Dalbiondo garments produced?

We’re always looking for the best partners in order to create garments that meet and exceed our quality standards: we strive for the best quality to price ratio and avoid at all costs low to medium quality suppliers.

We presently produce our garments in the EU and work with some of the best Italian ateliers for the Hand-Made tailoring offer. You can read more on our products here.

How many fitting sessions are needed to tailor my MTM garments?

Usually two fittings are enough: a first one in order to try on the sample garments and establishing the modifications to be done on your garment’s patron; then a second fitting once your goods are delivered, to ensure that they fit you like a glove.

How many cloths and fabrics can I choose from?

We propose a choice of around 1’000 tailoring cloths and shirting fabrics, carefully selected from the collections of the best mills in the world.

Please note that our fabric availability changes constantly during the season, with some all-year-round fabrics always in stock and some seasonal collections more subject to limited availability. 

And what about personalization options?

From lapels shape and size to stunning linings, from buttons to initials stitching, the choice of personalization options and details is almost endless!

You can read more on the subject here and you can also find more information on the made-to-measure experience here.

Which kind of make do you offer on your jackets and overcoats?

You can choose half-canvas or full-canvas make for your Dalbiondo jackets and overcoats.

What’s the average lead time for my orders?

Since the order confirmation, it usually takes between 4 and 5 weeks for your goods to be delivered.

For wedding attires, we suggests that you plan your appointment well in advance of the date of the event: you want to enjoy the process and not to be in a rush.

Do tailoring house calls come for an extra price? 

Tailoring consultations at your residence come at no extra cost in the Geneva Region; we are also very happy to reach you anywhere in Switzerland, let’s have a chat to better assess your tailoring needs before we hit the road.

For all other cities in the world we ask for a minimum engagement from your side, whose value is established before-hand and case by case.