At DALBIONDO we want to share with the clients our passion for craft, quality and beautiful things in menswear. 

We offer you an extensive range of made-to-measure menswear clothing & accessories, strongly believing that MTM is the best offer available on the menswear market.

Exclusive garments tailored around you, for you and fully customizable: one-of-a-kind clothes, unique as their owners.

The DALBIONDO collections feature stunning fabrics, high-end quality construction, tailored comfort, a splash of Italian style and an exceptional quality-to-price ratio.  

Our Values

  • One of the founding belief of DALBIONDO is that our clothes, our accessories and the way we dress are a strong mean for expressing ourselves, it is actually how everyone expresses themselves -wether they know it or not-

  • Our ambition is therefore to help you rethink your relationship with clothes by focusing on high-end quality and long lasting value garments, rather than on seasonal trends: we would like our customers to take joy and pride in their clothes, and seeing them wear their garments many times over the years.

  • Leaving trend-related consuming to the less-savvy and investing our money in unique, one-of-a-kind garments, that are worth their value while embodying the essence of craftsmanship and beauty: here lies, in our opinion, luxury.

  • We would also like this site to become a place for enriching and educating discussion, thus the blog section, born with the idea of bringing its readers to discover new products, suppliers, brands as well as useful style information for the contemporary gentlemen.

    More on this matter can be found in our blog’s policy section.