Our vast range of products, personalization options, trims and details allow you to create unique garments tailored around you, reflecting your taste and character:


Suits & Overcoats

The DALBIONDO suits are created for you, around you and by you: our MTM specialists will carefully take your measurements and you will then be guided through the process of samples trying and personalization, allowing you to customize every detail and to create unique garments that speak about you.

The DALBIONDO MTM suits are tailored with full canvas or half canvas make and are proudly Made in EU with top quality construction.

We have developed unique patterns and models that combine modern technology with the love for sartorial comfort, exceptional quality and great looks.

Starting price 780.-




A shirt is the first garment in contact with your body and it basically defines your comfort during the day: this is why the DALBIONDO shirts are designed and produced to fit you in the most splendid and comfortable way!

Our MTM specialists will take the required body and garment measurements before guiding you through the satisfying process of selecting fabrics and options.

DALBIONDO MTM shirts are proudly made in EU, prices starting at 150.-


Dalbiondo Showroom by Henri Balit_low.jpg

Hand made shirts

If you’re looking for shirts of unparalleled quality and beauty, then ask your MTM specialist for a DALBIONDO hand made shirt: in order to give you the best of the best we’ve partnered up with Mazzarelli Camicie, one of Italy’s most renowned shirt-makers, or Camiciai:

In this sartorial atelier in Southern Italy, highly skilled tailoring artisans will hand-craft your exclusive shirts with love and dedication to every single detail.

Starting price 260.-



Jackets, trousers and waistcoats: 

We believe that nowadays spare garments deserve a more important role in the vestiaire of a contemporary gentleman (“Casual Friday” or “Casual every week-day”, anyone?), therefore we have developed a wide range of models and fits that suit your every need.

Each DALBIONDO design is of course cut following your measurements, manufactured with our outstanding fabrics and is fully customizable.




Founded by an expert professional in the field of clothing and fabric buying, at DALBIONDO we take pride in researching and bringing you a selection of the finest cloths and fabrics from the best mills in the world: Loro Piana, Zegna Baruffa, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Tallia di Delfino, Solbiati, Guabello, Canclini, Albini, Thomas Mason, etc.

In addition to this, we run passionate research in order to find and collect vintage, precious cloths: those rare and unusual fabrics of old that ensure impeccable drape once turned into garments.




Our astonishing range of shoes will match any outfit and occasion!

The DALBIONDO shoes are totally customizable: style, last, welt, leather, fabric, patina, accessories, etc. you have control over every detail and can create the most comfortable and glamorous shoes you ever dreamt of.

Made with love and dedication in the EU, the DALBIONDO shoes have a starting price of 390.-




We offer you the opportunity to design and create your unique essential accessories: the DALBIONDO ties, bowties, braces and cummerbunds are all customizable and Made in Italy by the best artisans.