How does Made-to-Measure tailoring work?

Five simple steps to explain you the process of creating the perfect MTM garments


Step 1

Visit from your mobile, tablet, laptop or contact us through Instagram, Facebook or e-mail to book your appointment for a free consultation.

Step 2

At your first appointment you’ll meet with our tailoring specialists who will take the required body measurements.

These measurements will be used to create your profile in our archive and a unique pattern to craft your exclusive garments. This pattern will also make future orders even faster.

Step 3

You will be able to select from our range of exclusive fabrics for suiting, shirting and/or lining.

You will also have access to endless personalization options, such as lapels size and shape, jacket make, buttoning, pocket configuration, stitching, etc. in order to make your garment really unique.

Step 4

Our skilled tailors will cut the selected cloth following the unique pattern with your measurements and craft your garments following your personalization wishes.

Step 5

Five weeks after your first appointment, your exclusive Made-to-Measure garments are ready for collection or to be delivered to your doorstep.

Your garments are unique as their owner, you now only have to wear them often and enjoy their exclusive fitting and quality!