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The DALBIONDO MTM experience

Five simple steps to explain you the process of creating the perfect Made To Measure garments.

Plus, some good reasons to choose DALBIONDO MTM clothing.


Step 1

Visit dalbiondo.com from your mobile, tablet, laptop or contact us through Instagram, Facebook or e-mail to book your appointment for a free consultation at our showroom.

Step 2

At your first appointment you’ll meet with our tailoring specialists who will take care of assessing your needs and taking the required measurements: first your body measurements, then all the alterations related to your morphology and posture: this data will be used to adapt the pattern of our try-on garments to your morphology and the way you want to live and experience your clothing.

Roughly thirty measurements and alterations will then be used to create a pattern that is unique to you and to assure a perfect fit.

We will also create your profile in our archive that will make future orders even faster.

Step 3

During the same first meeting you will select from our range of exclusive fabrics for suiting, shirting and lining.

You will also have access to endless personalization options, such as lapels size and shape, jacket make, buttoning, pocket configuration, stitching, etc. in order to make your garment really unique.

Enjoy this process and the help of our MTM specialists, the only limit is your vision!

Step 4

Skilled tailors at our European and Italian partner ateliers will cut the selected cloth following the unique pattern with your measurements and craft your garments following your personalization wishes.

Step 5

Five weeks after your first appointment, your exclusive Made-to-Measure garments are ready for a second fitting and consequent collection - or to be delivered to your doorstep.

Your garments are unique as their owner, you now only have to wear them often and enjoy their exclusive fitting and quality!

Why Made-to-Measure?

Fitting and Quality

The fit and quality of Made To Measure garments is what differentiate them from standard, mass produced ready-to-wear goods: putting on a well tailored MTM garment, feeling its perfect fit and drape and touching its luxurious fabric is simply priceless.

The Dalbiondo goods are tailored around our customers, their fabrics are selected from the collections that the best cloth suppliers in the world have to offer and the garments are then sewn together following the highest quality standards for tailoring.


We offer personalization and options for gentlemen of every style and taste, allowing our customers to create outstanding garments: shapes, lengths, fabrics, make, linings, buttoning styles, lapels, pockets, pleats, buttons, stitching threads, the number of combinations is almost infinite and our MTM specialists will gladly accompany you through the customization process! 


We created our company willing to bring to the market a universe characterized by excellent quality and unprecedented service: our MTM specialists will put particular care in assessing your tailoring needs and guiding you through the fitting process; they will take all the measurements needed and create a dedicated record for your future orders; finally, they’ll support you in your cloth and personalization choices and they will always be delighted to offer experienced advice on how to create unique garments that reflect your personality.


We know the value of your time and we aim to streamline the order process to provide you with a smooth, hassle-free shopping experience - while keeping a close eye on every detail.

It generally takes only two appointments to create and receive your made-to-measure garments: a first one in order to assess your needs, take your measurements, try-on the sample garments and customize your order; a second appointment is then scheduled once the goods are delivered, for a fitting check and order pick-up.

If you’d wish any extra alterations to be done after the second appointment, they will be taken care of at skilled tailoring ateliers in the Geneva region.


Tailoring existing samples to your body measurements and customizing them to your demands allows us to deliver unique products that speak about you and who you are, with only a short delay between order and delivery: usually 4 to 5 weeks are needed for a suit to be produced and delivered (often less). In a few words, we offer you a definitely faster service than bespoke tailoring ;)


Unique garments tailored to one’s measurements and customized to his liking allow our customers to affirm their uniqueness, in their wardrobe as well as in their way of being, separating them from the masses.

We also feel that MTM represents the future of menswear shopping, thanks to its unparalleled quality to price ratio, production flexibility and environment-friendly approach.

Responsible Luxury

We believe that luxury is about having the best quality for the best price, rather than just paying for the name of a famed brand.

We strive to offer you the best garments for very competitive prices and we’re helped in this constant effort by our strong ties with the clothing industry.


We are committed to leaving a better planet to future generations and we aim to reduce fashion carbon footprint through our business model: using only the required amount of resources to produce your unique garments, we are eliminating inventory leftover and waste, and you are actually contributing to our goal of a zero-waste activity.